Duvan Camilo


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Confidence, power and security. These three words motive me. Many times, when I need a boost, I repeat them one and many times in my head. They have helped me leave my fears aside and in 2018, set a new beginning in my life

I am very happy in the FUN team. I like the time they spend on us, the support of different specialist so we do not lack anything. I fell part of the project. I enjoy the present and the future is going to make us stronger

​Óscar Blanco

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i like to fell the freedom and joy that produces to ride a bike and the experiences one lives in each place. Time passes and those experiences become unforgettable memories

Jerson Camilo


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Maycol Correa

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What I like the most from cycling are the emotions that it awakens inside of me. Giving everything in practice in order to see the results in the races aNd create unforgettable memories


I always try to face challenges in life with good attitude. I believe that the most important thing is to enjoy and give the best of you all the time. Specialty when it is what you decided to do for living

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Santiago Granados



I wake up every day with the purpose of becoming a better person, be more respectful with my dreams, be a good person and try to give the best of myself

Frank Martínez

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I am very happy for being part of this project, which besides supporting young cyclist in his personal a professional development, they also support children with orthopedic problems and multiply smiles. It is an honor

Steven Mora

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Well done hard work beats talent poorly worked

Paulo César


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Right now, I have all the strength and the will to aim for a better future. I desire to become a professional cyclist and make it to the European road and be important in the peloton

Kevin Armando


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What gets me from cycling is the dedication and discipline needed to perform. It also gives you the chance to measure and over pass your own limits

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Miguel Alfredo



I like cycling because every day you can overcome yourself. I am happy in the FUN Team. We try to be professionals in all the matters. When I wear my jersey, I feel great responsibility and huge pride

Brayam  Usaquén

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